going to spend some time working on my page and theme.
I’ll post some drafts, so feel free to send me a message me.

xparkerluck: )

definedead is caught in the web;

                                     ' And you can stay strung up there — '


                                     ' Until you learn that guns and knives and 

                                     anything explosive are bad for you, and 

                                     others around you. ‘

                    ❝PARKER! YOU WILL GET ME DOWN NOW!

                                       ❝Stop being all heroic !

incredible-zim: )


         ”—-NO YOU DON’T! “


                        ❝YES I DO!
                                                 You’re just being
                                                 a big baby about it.

incredible-zim: )


         ”I’m PERFECT, actually. “

                 I’m calling —— Bullshhhhit.

                   Think happy thoughts.
                   Think happy thoughts.
                   Think happy thoughts.
                      (   NO! I CAN’T!   )

               [ Wade pulls the car over. ]

          ❝ ——
              Get the hell out of my car!

iceicebobbydrake: )


”The evil forces of Starbucks?”
Bobby crossed his arms and
eyed the man in front of him.
”I’m still not using my powers for your iced coffee.
What’s a frappucino, anyway?”

                  ❝I don’t know whether I should
                      be offended because you won’t
                      help me or that you don’t know
                      what a frappucino is.

; editing themes is so tedious. 

If I keep my mouth shut I won’t get in trouble,
but I can’t help it. Oh my god. I really want to                    

                                                     ….Ah fuck it.

          ❝— Your existence offends me.

                                   ❝You   seem   really
                                       out    of    it    today.
                                       I can  leave  if  you
                                       want. Maybe you’re
                                       tired or something.

                    He noticed it through the way
                    she was acting towards him.                          ( intxlligent  )

              ❝Whatcha know about
                  rolling in the deep?

              [ Stop referencing Adele. ]